Bar Menu

Bar Menu

Goat Cheese Fritters 8.95

Angus Beef Sliders 11.95
Angus beef, shoestring fried onions, american cheese and a side of red coleslaw with a pickle

Tempura Fried Onion Rings 7.95
Served with bourbon BBQ sauce

Crock Of Chili 9.95
Topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and green onions

P.E.I Mussels 12.95
with spicy chorizo, shallots, cherry tomatoes, saffron and an Irish whiskey cream sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 7.95
Served with zesty marinara sauce

Crispy Chicken Tenders 10.95
Served with honey mastard dipping sauce

Flash Fried Calamari 11.95
Tossed with spicy thai chili sauce

Crispy Thai Pork Dumplings 9.95
Served with spicy thai chili sauce

Chicken Wings Your Way 11.95
Buffalo or barbque teriyaki style

Buffalo Chiken Dip 10.95
Shredded chicken breast, simmered in Buffalo Sauce and 3 cheeses baked until bubbling and served with fried wontons

Irish Sausage Rolls 10.95
Bangers wrapped in buff pastry served with chef sauce dip

Fried Pickles 7.95
Served with chipotle alioli

Potato Skins 9.95
Filled with cheese and bacon served with our cream

Quesadillas 10.95
Choice of chicken, BBQ pork, or grilled shrimp ($2 extra) served with sour cream and salsa

Chrimp Cocktail 14.95
Poached wild shrimp served with lemon and zesty cocktail sauce

Salmon Tar Tare $14.95
Seasoned raw wild salmon with white truffle oil and shallots over mango salsa served with wonton scrisps

Chesapeake Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $13.95
Served with chipotle sauce.

Irish Egg Rolls $10.95
Phyllo wrap stuffed with Irish sausage, spinach, sundried tomato and fontina cheese served with spicy alioli

Crab Croquettes $10.95
With crab meat, mashed potato and fresh herbs, fried crisp and served with spicy alioli

John Sullivan’s Combo Platter $27.95
Chicken tenders, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, pork dumplings buffalo wings, and French fries paired with the appropriate dips (serves 3-4 people)

Large Combo Platter $59.95
Upsized version of above
(Serves 8-10 people)

Party Room Available upstairs


Beer List


Guinness 8
Biddingtons Ale 7.50
Red Hook
Long Hammer IPA 8
Hoegaarden 7.50
ShockTop Wheat 7
Honkers Ale 7
Spaten 7
Strongbow Cider 7
Rolling Rock 6
Sam Seasonal 7.50
Harpoon IPA 8
Heineken 7.50
Bluemoon 7.50
Veltins Pilsner 7.50
Stella 7.50
Shake Chocolate Porter 8
Budweiser 5
Bud Light 5
Mermaid Pilsner 7.50
Harpoon Seasonal 7.50
Newcastle Brown Ale 7
Magners Pear Cider 7.50
John Sullivan’s Red 5
Coors Light 6
Seranac 7


Budwieser 5
Bud Light 5
Coors Light 5
Miller Light 5
Founders IPA (Can) 5
Michelob Ultra 5

Heineken 7
Heineken Light 7
Corona 7
Conrona Light 7
Amstel Light 7
Black Cherry Cider 7
Bear Republic Racer #5 8
Delerium 12
Weihenstephaner 8
Magners Pint Bottle 10

Non Alcoholic
O’ douls 5

Cocktail List

John’s Juice 8
Figenza vodka, dark rum and pineapple juice

The Blossom 8
Figenza vodka, elderflower liqueur, iced tea and lychee juice

Monster’s Ball 10
Midori melon, Mailibu, tequila, monster energy drink and cranberry juice

Sully’s Surplus 9
Vanilla vodka, triple sec, oj, and monster energy drink

Monster Razz Tea 10
Stoli raspberry, watermelon pucker, iced tea and monster energy drink

Barry’s Tea 11
Sweet tea vodka, gin, rum, tequilla, triple-sec, splash of sour and coke

The Copper Kettle 10
Figenza vodka, cucumber vodka, pineapple juice and a splash of lemon juice served in a copper mule

The Epidural 10
99 bananas, rum, vanilla vodka, oj, cranberry juice, shaken with a squeeze of fresh lime

Wine List

Joseph Stewart Sauv Blanc – Glass: 9, Bottle: 30
Rockbrook Chardonney-CA – Glass: 8
Ponticello Pinot Grigio-Italy – Glass: 8, Bottle: 28
Dante Robino Torrontes-Arg – Glass: 9, Bottle: 32
Stone Fruit Riesling-Germany – Glass: 9, Bottle: 30
Foxbrook Pinot Grigio-CA – Glass: 8
Katlyn Sauvignon Blanc-CA – Glass: 9
Surf Shack Chardonay-CV – Glass: 8
Fox Brook WhiteZinfandel-CA – Glass: 8

Rockbrook Pinot Noir-CA – Glass: 8, Bottle: 28
Vamos Ganar Cab Sauvignon-Arg – Glass: 8, Bottle: 28
Backhours Merlot – Glass: 9, Bottle: 32
Dante Robino Malbec-Arg – Glass: 9, Bottle: 32
Mezzacorona Merlot-Italy – Glass: 9, Bottle: 32
Black Ridge Cab Sauvignon-CA – Glass: 9, Bottle: 32
Casa del toro Pinot Noir-Chile – Glass: 8